Psychological Center for Research

Psychological Center for Research (PCR) is a non-governmental organization that emerged spontaneously as a civil society structure with the main goal of guaranteeing the rights of people with disabilities. The productivity of the association’s actions quickly turns it into a stable partner and an unavoidable factor in the field of people with disabilities.

The many innovative initiatives combined with a consistent democratic approach contribute to the favorable development of the lives of thousands of children and people with disabilities.

Nationally, in addition to its active position as a full member of the National Council for Integration of People with Disabilities at the Council of Ministers, the organization successfully achieves cohesion between various diplomatic missions and various related organizations and institutions to increase sensitivity and understanding of the topic – children and people with disabilities. 

The international lobbying activity of the PCR has led to the implementation of a number of good practices in Bulgaria. The good expertise and experience of PCR activists ensure the active participation of Bulgarian representatives with disabilities in the creation and promotion of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). The predictable behavior of the organization`s activities makes it one of the rapporteurs for the level of implementation of the CRPD in Bulgaria, in front of CRPD Committee in Geneva.

In Bulgaria, the Convention itself was adopted and ratified after positive pressure organized by the PCR and supported by related organizations.

The main approach, of Psychological Center for Research does not differentiate between disabilities but relies on individual human characteristics. This allows the protection of the rights of children and adults with physical, mental, sensory and neurobiological disabilities, bulimia, anorexia, a special case of disadvantaged women, LD, ADHD and ADD. The main goal is to achieve a dignified existence by improving the social and economic status of needy groups.

Achieving this goal requires active participation in the development of draft regulations, strategies, action plans and programs, in the direction of creating policies that support the effective and efficient social integration of children and people with disabilities.

All activities of the Center are purposeful and are based on analysis and monitoring of processes in the field, which are implemented by the author’s approved methodology, including criteria and standards for environmental and impact assessment. The implementation is both at national and local level by regional and local representatives, given the local specifics of the region.

Some of the more significant successful initiatives implemented by the Center are:

Ensuring the accessibility of landmarks on the territory of the country – Saint Alexander Nevsky Patriarch’s Cathedral; Dormition of the Mother of God Cathedral.

Increasing the sensitivity of the topic through thematic TV shows on current issues for People with Disabilities and media spots.

Organizing Concerts and Festivals for People with Disabilities.

Organizing art events with works made by People with Disabilities.

Implementing positive pressure – Protest rally of People with Disabilities.

The organization plays an important role in the organization of Operational Programs and we are active participants in Economical Council.

PCR conducts various training modules at many levels, dealing with children and people with disabilities.

International Rasing for People with Disabilities “Life Force”.

National Ball of People with Disabilities.

Sports events for people with disabilities of an integrative nature – wrestling “Will to Win”.

Changing attitudes through personal experiences – module “Communicate without light”.

Artistic and creative activity – creating and maintaining ensembles of people with disabilities for various dance arts.

Publishing – production and distribution of manuals, brochures, instructions and others for the benefit of people with disabilities.

Scientific activity – initiation and realization of own research activity. Organizing scientific forums.

The Psychological Center for Research strives to follow the guidelines 

of one of the inspirers in creating the organization: 

“Do not ask what your country can do for you, 

but ask what you can do for your country.”


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